Haven't seen ex in a long time and might see her this weekend and feel unprepared?

i haven't even seen or heard anything from her since janurary , although i've seen a few of her gf's and sister since as they go to pub in town i went to and i saw them there but she has been away for a long time. its Thanksgiving weekend here we have it in October in Canada and often see them on this weekend in town at a pub or bar. and feel really unprepared as to what to say if anything or how to handle seeing her? maybe i shouldn't make a big deal about this but it does bother me and just trying to come up with a plan to be more ready if they come around and i have to talk to them or we stumble into one another. i also have zero clue what she is up to , i don't even know if she is with someone new by now , i don't have her on any sites online and can't even find her pages if i wanted to as her privacy setting high. but she is always home on this weekend and likely to be around this area so i may see her


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  • So just act natural and don't run up on her. Let her come around if she wants to. Just b urself and you'll b ok :)

    • yeah I guess I shouldn't go out of my way to talk to her as she doesn't appear to have much interest or I'd have heard something from her

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