Guys, Guys if you split with your girlfriend, would you go back to an ex that cheated on you?

Ok so I am basing this on my own personal experience. Recently, my ex and I split. He tried so hard to make things work with me and to be fair, I'm a big part of the reason why we fell apart in the end.

He feels I provoked him into splitting up with me, although that was never my intention. Had I realised how far to the brink I was pushing him at the time? I'd have changed my ways.

Anyway, only weeks after we split, he had re-added his ex on Facebook. A girl who had been with him for almost 2 years then left him for another guy. I think she cheated with this other guy too.

So, I was appalled that after I had been there for him and stood by him for so long, that he took an interest in this ex of his again.

She always texted him through our entire relationship while she was with this other guy too and it really annoyed me. But he did delete her number when I asked him to do so.

I just don't get why the bitch who cheated and did him wrong seems to get more favour than me who tried so hard with him and would never ever have betrayed him. He won't even speak to me or look at me barely. It just confuses me.


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  • Well, your break up is fresher in his mind for one. Personally, I don't talk with any of my exes much less get back with them. First, you don't know for sure that she cheated. Second, you say you pushed him pretty hard and had you known you would have changed. I can't imagine you didn't know, it seems like more that you knew and thought you could get away with it. Me personally, I would resent that more than someone cheating on me. At least with someone cheating, the boundaries are clear, a decision to break up comes easily. But for someone always pushing me, I will grow to have resentment and be caught between trying to stay together and breaking up. If I then got to the point where I had to break up because I felt that's what you were pushing for, I would view you very harshly. I'm not saying it's right, that's just how I'd feel. Right now those feelings are still very fresh for him.

    • I guess you're right there, it is indeed fresher in his mind. Well, he did tell me ages back that she did cheat and left him for someone else... so I'm just going by what he said. And ok, I admit, maybe I was used to getting away with it... and got a huge shock when it happened in the end. Again, very good point. I suppose he really does have a right to resent me in that case because I knew the boundaries and kept pushing... thanks for helping me see that. I think he was caught in that stage for a while, maybe even still is. You're very wise... and I think I finally see it from his perspective now. It's took me long enough.

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  • Jealousy is the culprit in this situation, its no longer your concern and should move on. If you feel like you were a terrible girlfriend be the best ex you can.

    • Yeah, I'm not jealous. I'm being the best ex I can, but now he's coming onto me again.

  • Not only no but hell no

  • Highly unlikely unless


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