What are the obvious rebound signs?

I believe my
ex is in a rebound but she's convinced that she's over me and is happy with this new that she's known for a month. Up until the day they started dating she was telling
me she still loves me... So what are the true signs of a rebound cause I'm not sure what they are and would like some guidance.


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  • She might not be in a rebound she mighy just be rolling around the rim waiting for the plyer to knock her into play some signs of a rebound is the denial your in a rebound , acting as if your not hurt, not giving yourself time to grieve , thinking jumping to someone else is going to help when you didn't even do well in the last situation updating the person from your previous situation ur happy with this new person like ur saying it more to convince ur self the gloat to them. But everyone's "rebound" traits are different

    • Yeah she deny's it's everytime I asked her that his a rebound all she would say is that his not and she's happy with him but how can you be so happy with someone you barely know and now going a step further to planning to move into a house together I think it's some kind of fake happiness and she just can't see it and when she realises it she will try and get me back but I'm not gonna wait around for that to happen I deserve better

    • And if she is in a rebound when will she start to realise it and start to know she isn't actually happy with him?

    • That's what's up you shouldn't wait, do you and let her do her and hope it all works out cause I doubt you want any bs to plague her life. Usually when it all comes crashing down is when most of us realize it should have never happened to begin with lol eve I'm guilty of that but I just prefer illusion to despair and when I get dumped it takes me a hell of a long time to attempt anything again

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  • A rebound is a way of not dealing with the pain of a breakup. Its also a way of seeing if you're still attractive to the opposite sex. Either way they never last because you're going to have to grieve at some point

    • What if the dude that she's with now bought her a dog and they're moving into a house in 6 weeks when he moves here does that change anything or is she still just blind to not think it's a rebound

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    • hmm they have known each other for awhile, me and her have broken up in the past and she has slept with him in the past when we were broken up but she has always came back to me wanting it to work again. so I've always sorted it out with her but this time she's convinced that she wants to stay with him they dont know each other though like she has slept with him but thats it they've actually only have hung out for like 2 weeks since they have started dating and even then he lives 14 hours away he moves here in 6 weeks should i actually be worried this will work between them two or just sit back and watch they all crumble...

    • There's no guarantee it'll crumble but sitting back and waiting is all you can do. If you've been on and off again that's a sign it'll never work. I would find someone you're more compatible with after you're finished hurting

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