He dump me for his ex? or he has some issues?

I met him 1.5 years ago. We had a great time together. Since we first started, i asked him that "you have girlfriend?" and he said " No". So, i trusted him. We used to travelling together and nothing intimacy happened between us yet (he seemed like have ED). However, he did not spend time with me on holiday. I asked him and he said he was busy or he went vacation with his family bla bla. I do not understand why, he dated me for 1.5 year, texted me every single day. But no sex, barely meet up ( which i understand at first because he is really busy). But, couple days a go, he broke up with me (even the day before he still asked me to travel with him). he told me that he has responsibility now. So i asked " did you lie to me since we first met?" he said "no, i was broke up at that time and we just back recently". But I know he was lie to me. I checked his FB and when we dating, he still go hiking, travelloing with her and with his friends ( which at first i did not notice because i thought she is just one of his friend). I seriously do not understand, if he is a jerk, he should take advantage on me. But he did not. Sigh, I feel so depressed now. I do not know what to do. However, i know he still love me, I can feel that throughout his gestures. But why lie to me? why hurt me so bad? He keep saying sorry to me, he said he have some issues, it's hard to explain. It's has been 5 days, he did not contact me. Is he reall y not love me anymore? his birthday is at the nd of Oct and i already bought him a gift, should i give it to him or no?
p/s: Why i told him his ex name, he was so surprised and asked me how can i know? because he wanted to end and started new so he never told anyone about his ex. Seriously, I do not know, I just guess because i knew him so bad. I do not know if he did not love his ex deeply, why gets back to her? Don't you think he has ED so that he tried to get ridge of me because he think that he cannot bring me happiness or afraid that if i kne
Now he is unfriend my facebook. I did not text or call him since we broke because i want a space to heal my wound. But now he unfriend me


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  • he likes you, but he was just playing around with you. he was still observing some "options" and he's not putting you in his priority. you deserve better.

    and wth is ED?

    • Erectile dysfunction. He could not make it.

    • I feel like my heart is broken now. I love him deeply, and should insay happy birthday to him? It's on the end of Oct, is it too early to reconnect with him?

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