What do you make of this woman?

I have been with a girl who I met, befriended her, even saved her life (and also changed it forever for the postitive). She has been, and continues to be involved in very stressful and life changing events, she is basically starting a new life after being a prisoner for 24 years. I have been with her emotionally throughout it all, even helped her financially. We got engaged, or so I thought. Turns out she has a history of abuse by her dad, and I believe it has affected her in psychologial ways. Some things I have noticed., she is very "high on herself", seeing others as "less than she is". She has shown little, if any, care for my feelings. There was an incident where she had been "set up" with a guy by her friend, who she claimed the "guy wasn't her type", yet I'm feeling she isn't tellng me "I love you, and don't want other guys", she just said the guy wasn't "her type". This hurt me a lot. Well, fast forward, she has a guy who looks a lot like her ex (who I found out she wasn't over). Gets cold with me, tells me I "hurt her because I told her I wanted to date others". I had said that to her because I started to realize she wasn't caring about my feelings. We got into an argument, my frustrations come out, I tell her "F-You". Now she says we are done. But she said we were done before too after she THOUGHT i had said she wanted that first setup guy for sex, which I never did. I felt bad too that she was so "quick to dump me" after I had saved her life. She never admits fault, talks down to me, and exhibits many of the signs of narcissism. The HUGE ego she has, she has "lectured me" about how I hurt her. She doesn't accept her own faults. Yet now I feel a loss since we broke up. Should I have just let her heal and get her life in order, or is this someone I should be glad to be done with. I feel bad I said "Fyou" to her, it was wrong, but at the same timem she has caused those frustrations in me to build up, and for months.


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  • You need to get out of this so called relationship now because its not going to get you anywhere but into a lot of pain in the end

  • That, my dear, is a narcissist. Ditch her, she's toxic.

    • Yes, agreed. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic, and she very much matches the description of a narc. Her "I am much more mature for my age" is a good clue as well. When I told her what she said hurt MY feelings, there was NO apology, just a "justification of what she did was right". That alone says a lot right there. She also has the idea that she is more advanced than most peopleā€¦ tends to see herself as "above them", and has "grown past that all" (how many others act).

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