Why would an ex boyfriend do such?

So couple months ago an ex came back saying he would like a second chance but wants be friends first. We end up socializing once or twice a month and now all of a sudden nothing barely. My birthday comes around two weeks before he stays offline and then a week after comes back on. He doesn't say Happy Birthday or anything. Come to find out he just start dating this female and a friend of his told me without me asking honestly. I am so hurt that he would play with my feelings and lead me on and then pop up with a new woman after telling me all this stuff. He dumped me and then came back to social media wanting to be friends claiming he miss talking to me and all this jazz. But right before he starting dating the girl last week, he was sending me pictures of him and telling me how good he was doing. Even ask me was I dating because he was just getting to know someone. He is on my social media page right now but signs on and doesn't say anything to me at all now. By the way he cheated on me and is hiding that he is dating this female. He doesn't even show it on the social media page I am on and his friends said the other one does but I am blocked from it or not on it because his friend said I looked for your name. I am not sure if the friend was telling me for a good or bad reason. However I have not bothered my ex since he came back wanting to be friends online. he was the main one messaging me most of the time because I was scared he would try hurt me again or would try start something.


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  • This is an extreme OD of drama! You know what's going to happen here so just tell him to go suck a goat's titty and get done with it!


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  • I see the sure signs of an "EX" who doesn't Mark an in his own sly underhanded heart. It's Obvious to me with no writing on the wall and all, that he doesn't want Anything right Now, not even friends till the end With... And doesn't say anything to me at all now.
    He is a free agent so in essence he is Cheating you not "Cheating on me," for he is not together with you anymore as two birds of a feather. However, if he wanted true friendship at least to Start, he would have acknowledged your birthday, Not 'Lead me on' and on top of Old Smokey... Pop up with a new woman after telling me stuff.
    He played with your feelings, played with your head, and with everything you know, don't get mad, don't get even Just... Put this loser to Bed... The party is over.
    Good luck. xx


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