I'm scared to see this guy again?

I have been spending time with a guy I met for a few months, I have only just come out of a 3 year relationship 4 months ago so not ready for any thing serious. We had a few drinks and stupidly slept together without protdction right on my fertile time, he started panicking the next day asking me what i would do if I was and how I would feel, he then said he spent some time crying over thinking it and that he felt like he was going to break down.
Iv always known he's got feeling for me (which I don't him) and now I'm worried he's going to fall more for me, I am seeing him later and worried it will be awkward, we've alrrady said some out of order things over the situation but he's really trying his best (clearly because of his feelings), what do i say to him? And to help him deal with it if i am pregnant..


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  • Get a 5 day plan B right away


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  • Maybe get the morning after pill. Explain to him that you don't have feelings for him if you haven't already and would just prefer to stay friends.


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