Should I tell my boyfriend of 4 months that we need a break? My feelings are messed up & im developing some for someone else... Advice?

We've been together for 4 months (he's 28, I'm 21) and we were so sure of us... I never thought my feelings would diminish so quickly, but I'm looking at what we have now and I don't want it.. And my feelings for him just aren't there. Ever since I moved back for my 3rd year at college I've had more space from him (we used to see each other every day.. Now it's once a week). And it's cleared my mind.. And I don't think he's "the one."

A big problem, however, is that he bought a town home in my college town (an hour from where he was currently residing) because we both were so sure of us working out. It cost him $130,000, and he's been so busy with it. Each day he tells me what he got done (painted the walls, did this, did that, "so tiring but it's worth it," etc). And I feel SO guilty because I never persuaded him not to. I encouraged it.. I thought I loved him.

but I don't, my feelings came and went with the season, literally. And on top of it, there's this other guy at my school that I keep running into since we live in the same building. He's single, and the way he looks at me... Just makes me weak at my knees... I know I don't know him at all, and it's lust, but he just looks like my actual dream man.. And through stalking his Facebook, he seems much more compatible with me since we are both artists and have the same vibe. I just feel struck with this other guy... And then I have to remind myself I'm in a relationship.. With someone i somehow lost complete feelings for. How is that even possible?

What do I do and how do I do it?
And on top of it, my boyfriend has revealed another side to him.. He has a bad and quick temper and sometimes it actually scares me.


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  • If its lost and you know there's no point in trying to find the feelings you once had, which you would know if you wanted to try and find them, then its best to get out before the damage that is done could of been avoided scenario. The sooner you make him aware of how you feel, the better it is all round. Its not going to be easy but its the right thing to do, x


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