I was replaced within a week, why?

I dated a guy for 2 and half months. He broke up with me by changing the status on facebook. Then he started sending me mixed messages about getting back together. However, within 1 week i was already replaced. I loved him and still do but how can i be replaced so fast? Within a week he had already had sex with her and met her child. His friends and his boss all said i was very good for him. If that is the case, then why would he throw me away? He broke up with me but he is super mad at me. What is the deal?


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  • Sorry to say, but 2.5 months is not really long at all... sure it is dating, but I doubt long enough to know you love someone... He likely never really felt the same, but took that time to really find out for sure. I also don't think there needs to be much of a moving on period for such a short relationship...

    • I think i fell because he was the first peraon i reached out after a traumatic event. Maybe i felt safe, but confused it for love.

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  • The hardest thing for some people to do is to look at themselves.
    Instead of standing back and saying, "What I did was so wrong." Instead they find a reason to justify why their doings was right.
    So, this guy is mad at you because it allows comfort for him to feel good about what he did.
    I know you loved this guy,
    but his actions show that he never really loved you and it was all a lie.
    Someone that loves you doesn't operate that way.

    • Exactly. Everything was always my fault. He broke his phone, but it was my fault. I made him break it. He pretty lied about everything.

    • He was no good. U don't deserve that.

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  • he broke up with you via facebook. to me that says everythign i'd need to know about a person.

    i don't know why he broke up with you but if he doesn't respect you enough to talk to you about the break up. then it's not worth your time

  • 2.5 months, why do women get so damn attahced.

    • Maybe because we think that a guy is actually truthful.

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    • I am not ashamed to admit that this guy was not good looking. He was an alcoholic and addicted to a dangerous drug, which i found out about later. My sons even told me that he was ugly. He had skin problems and a lot of dental problems. He was not in the best shape. He also did not have any material possessions.

    • yeah, I struggle with attachment. I think it could be biological though. Unless you have a mental block and somehow have the strength to avoid it. I don't know how girls do that though because I suffer from getting attached too quickly. But during sex Oxytocin (Oxytocin is typically remembered for the effect it has on prosocial behaviors, such as its role in facilitating trust and attachment between individuals. Consequently, oxytocin is often referred to as the “love hormone") is released during sex and I reckon has a huge part of it.
      Men do not get this hormone released during sex and is probably the difference.

  • that means you are not good enogh

    • I guess I'm not. Compassion, care, honesty, kinda cute, independent, financially stable, not an alcoholic, and i don't smoke meth are just not enough. But for someone with addictions, 30 and lives at home, doesn't drive due to duis, didn't finish high school, and works part time then what is enough? His new girlfriend is about on the same level as he is. Maybe thats what he needs to survive?

    • love makes us do stupid things after rethinking i'm sure you deseve a better one somtimes we don't apreciate how great people we have in our lives till we lost them !! if they are the same level she will propably replace him in less than a week all the best my friend

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  • As wise as I am and as quick as I am to pick up on things such as this, it wasn't just a hit or a miss, he may have met her Before... He broke up with me.
    This happened way too fast for me to believe differently, Somehow, I don't know if it was through another channel or even Facebook somehow, that he met his newbie and her baggage, but he sure didn't waste any time down the love line in setting up house with another.
    Good luck and my blessings. xx

    • I think hw knew her before and i think his friend got them together while him and i were together. Which disappointed me because his friend, who is a female, ended up being a two faced bitch. But i guess birds of a feather... she smoked crystal meth as well and it was no wonder her husband left her for the second time.

    • Ah, I thought so, and with what you have Told me, they deserve one another, you, my dear, deserve BETTER...:)) xxoo

  • I don't think you loved him you most likely liked him a lot but you can't just "love someone "in such short time. It's not something you did it's him he just doesn't feel "it" anymore and he might not even know why either but he found someone he's more comparable with