Have you ever got an ex back?

If so, did you guys keep in contact after the break-up?


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  • Yes. We did not keep in contact after the break-up. In fact I had completely cut him out of my life and straight up ignored his calls, texts, and attempts to get ahold of me. He would leave a note beneath my windshield: Ignore. He would give a message to my friend for me: Ignore. I would notice him during a night of dancing with my friends: Ignore and twerk on someone else without a care to whether he sees it or not. No contact at all.

    • Were you the person who ended the relationship? or did he?

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  • I got back together with an ex-girlfriend after a 24 year separation. It took some work to find her but I was successful. She lived 1,000 miles away. We talked on the phone for weeks, then I went to visit her at Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful weekend and I returned to visit her at Christmastime. She and her 15 year old daughter came down to visit me at spring break, then she sold her house and moved to my hometown. We got married about a year later. As soon as we got married, she stopped trying to be a good partner and she adopted some rather selfish ways. When I got laid off from my job (1 1/2 years of marriage) she said there was no reason for her to stay with me and she left. She did not know that I had 2 years worth of salary in savings that we could use during our crisis and I'm glad that she didn't because she showed her true colors and I am now much better off without her.


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  • I never tried getting them back, because both my exes were really NASTY girls.


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