Did she cheat?

I'm just wondering how do you know if a girl cheated?What are good signs?How would she be reacting?


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What Girls Said 1

  • why do you think she did?

    • I just thought she did cause weve not been close for somewhile now.She needed a break,we got back together this weekend.Just wondering was the break for her guilt so she could avoid me till she got her head cleared?

    • Hmm it could be... but it could have also been for a ton of different reasons.

      i know when I cheated on my bf... I was actually a lot closer and nicer to him during that time..

      so I guess people cover up and react differently.

      But I do know, that if she accuses you of cheating. That its a good sign that she is.

What Guys Said 1

  • This may sound crazy, but ask her to open her mouth. Look very closely. If you see another dude's penis in there, she's definitely been cheating... maybe.


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