How do you deal with a heartbreak?


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  • I deal with heartbreak depending on how much I cared, if he didn't matter Im keel with it
    If it was going somewhere Im like well that was a nice experience if I cared I'll be upset but won't really know it
    If I went the distance thought I was finally with someone who liked me regardless of all my imperfections there are alot) and wanted to be with I did everything I thought he wanted I go through all that with a side of suicidal thoughts and tendencies I may or may not act on understand I never mattered then detach myself from the world I'm already anti social so that's not difficult and wait for my mind to go into protective mode where I feel fine and it doesn't hit me til later


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  • There of lots of ways

    Heartbreak is deep depression (in my opinion)

    And depression is being up all in your own head.. All your energy is going in your head thats why you feel like crap and low energy with heartbreak and depression

    Your body isn't getting energy so its basically dead

    What you have to do is force energy back into the body by doing phyical stuff

    Do some cardio (gets the heart beating and bloodflowing and forces energy back into the body)

    Do some deep breathing (bring vitality back into the body along with more energy and a clearer mind)

    Let out all the emtional bagage due to the break-up and all feelings associated with it

    And for the mind.. Meditate

    Don't try and quieten your mind (thats not the point of meditation)

    Just be there with your thoughts but don't get attached to the thoughts (thats the hard part) just observe no interaction at all

    And within a few days/weeks/ months (depending whom you are) you will get better at a much faster rate

    Also go on youtube and look some funny sh** up , laughter is the most humanly emotion out there and obviously makes you feel good


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  • I usually just distance myself from everyone. I try to keep myself busy, I listen to a LOT of music, cry, and basically just wait until time heals me. Heartbreak is never a fun thing to deal with.

  • the fact is you don't, you just try and take your mind off it and do activities that you enjoy. you deserve someone better, the best! I hope you feel better :c good luck

    • So commiting suicide is not the best option, right?

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    • there's always hope, no one ever needs to feel like they don't deserve to live, there is always someone who loves you. you might not have met them yet but you will

    • Sorry. I can't.

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  • you just have to go through it, but its like being cooked; you can't unboil an egg.
    and every breakup after gets easier,
    as does being rejected. eventually you realize it was your own head that caused the pain, and that there's always. a better one ahead. after that you run into more duds, and learn you are better off alone.

    then you learn to be happy just being yourself. instead of wanting someone else, and you figure out its all caused by your own hormonal toxification. and how to deal with that by learning how not to care. then you realize that you only want relationships with women, on your own terms. and that you really have better things to do with your life than chase problematic females.

  • everyone has different ways...
    I engross myself with work as much as I can


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