How to orget someone you loved?

We ve been dating for 2&half year. In the beginning we had crazy chemistry for each other.
We had up and downs in relations, but always ended up had passion and chemistry again and again.
Everything changed last summer.
He invited me to the trip, was our 1st trip abroad together, all was good, but when we came back he wanted to see me less and less.
If in past we met 3-4 times a week, then we met 2 times a week, and he almost didn't call or write me.
In the end of summer he invited me to park, he seemed so distant and almostvdidnt look at me, then said he can't invite me home (which never happend before)...
He said, that we ll travel more and we travelled shortly to 2 countries.
We came back month ago, in a week he invited me to park, we walked, he held my hand, took pictures of us in park, promised, that soon we ll travel more, then suddenly said, he have to and didn't invite me again home...
Its been already 3 weeks after this and he was completely silent...
I dont know what to think, i see him online, but he dont write me...
Whats ur ipinion on such behaviour?


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  • When you completely forget how to spell forget... your almost there.


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