What should I do with my ex?

so a couple of weeks ago all of a sudden she decided to breakup, OUT OF NOWHERE (because she felt it woudlnt workout in long distance, but didn't even bother to try, and she just moved to another state). She asked me to stay friends and whatever i said ok but then i said no i need some space and i want no contact with her. the day after i said that to her i had to talk to her about something important, she acted like a bitch and was mean for no reason. A couple of days later she said she wasn't angry anymore and she would help me if i needed help on the thing i said her. THEN a couple of days after that she hit me up and was hinting she needed help with something but never truly asked, i managed to avoid her just sending her to someone else, she replied "lol thanks"... on my mind i was "thanks for WHAT?" recently she sent me a picture saying something about she can't never be good enough and she was so fucking sorry... to which i replied "... i understand but i have nothing to say about it tbh"... she replied "the fuck is your problem man lmao" ... I said "nothing, i just saw the picture and said i didn't know what to say" ... she said "omg nevermind, i knew it was a bad idea"... i said "what the fuck is going on" and she said "u never do" .. I SAID "u never explain" ... and she said "theres no need to explain everything" ... THE POINT IS! WHAT THE HELL! she changed so much, now being mean for no reason and i truly love her and her attitude just hurts me but what should i do? should i even respond? should i tell her to fuck off? what the hell is happening? lol i think her ego doesn't let her say she misses me, or maybe she didn't even love me in the first place, I don't know she's so immature, damn... any advice?


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  • She wants you back but obviously can't woman up. She seems like she likes playing with your head I would just let her go and tell her that friends isn't the best for you and you are moving on.

    • but why being a bitch? why being rude and mean? or act in such an egocentric way? im ignoring her texts now because i dont think cursing her out would be good either...
      i just dont understand her behavior

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    • yhats not Normal she should want to be close to be honest she doesn't love you move on to someone who will all she did was prove you right

    • also, do you think its a good idea to send her a post i wrote on tumblr? its a letter but its like reminiscing the good memories and telling her "thanks you for giving me these beautiful moments, bla bla bla" in there im not crying over her, i dont want her pity and im not asking her to get back, just like getting some closure.. shld i? or just dont talk to her anymore? which by the way i did in the middle of the night because i had a horrible nightmare and between sleep i texted her saying "i hate these type of dreams" she asked me what happened in them and i told her what the dream was about, in the dream i was with her but she was like a different person, it was like a nightmare. after that she replied "oh well" ... she's clearly willing to forget about me even tho she still keeps some pics on IG... so should i send it to her to let that sink in and move on without expecting her to apologize? or just swallow my pain and move on like she's doing even tho she doesn't feel shit for me

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  • Get some space.


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