To get my ex girlfriend back or not?

My ex girlfriend and I split up three months ago because she wants to wait until marriage for sex and I couldn't wait any longer. I've spent the last four months having sex with a lot of girls and compensating for the lost time that I didn't have sex when I was dating her. It's 4 months later and despite all of the amazing sex I've had, I still had more fun going to dinner with her, watching a movie with her, or even going on a walk with her. I miss her dearly but I don't know what to do. Sex is still an important thing to me


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  • Leave her alone because she has explain specifically no sex before marriage. If you try to deter her she won't switch because in my opinion its her morals.

    • I'm not trying to deter her I just realized that I wanted sec badly and then I got it from several women and would still prefer being with her doing nothing then being with these other women having sex

    • Well give her another try and explain how hard it is for you to wait. Not saying she will give in but I think letting her know will help much.

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  • Honestly not to offend you but you were being selfish about it a relationship is about compromising not about thinking about your own needs why are you gonna push her to have sex if she wants to wait for marriage? If you really did love her you wouldn't have just left her to have sex with other girls. I don't think you deserve a second chance breaking up emotionally scars people just leave her alone your too immature to settle down.

  • Hell no, if your girl knew. She would threw you out a long time ago.


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