If your ex wrote you a letter, would you read it?

You JUST started dating someone new and your ex gives you a letter she wrote you. You broke up with her, but you were showing signs you were still interested but didn't want to put yourself out there because you knew she didn't want a relationship (and you secretly wonder if it's because of you). And you hurt her so anyway.

Would you read it?

I really messed up with her. It's my fault we kept breaking up and it's my fault we didn't get back together. She was pulling away from me and didn't want to be friends, but we somehow made things work. I kissed her at a party. She wanted me to but suggested I didn't. And of course I did anyway. To make matters worse, instead of trying to fix things with her after that, I started dating someone else.

I know I'm an idiot/jerk/everything horrible under the sun. I don't deserve her. But I wish I did. I keep comparing my current girlfriend to her. She makes me happy, and I don't want to ruin things. But the letter threw me in for a loop.

Has your ex ever written you a letter?
If your ex wrote you a letter, would you read it?
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