How to deal with an ex? But a persistent one, that you care about? And new relationship issues due to persistent ex?

My ex is a boy I've known since I was in 7th grade. We were together 1 1/2 years. Not long at all, but it was mainly torture which extended the feeling of time. Lots of emotional and verbal abuse. From both he ends, but mainly from his. He had a huge heavy drug problem which constantly disrupted our relationship. I did everything I thought I could to help him, but in the end I knew the only way for him truly to get better is to leave him so he can have a chance with sobriety. His sobriety is not my responsibitly I finally learned. I had enslaved myself to that relationship. Even so, I loved him like crazy, and it was obviously a painful love.

the big push to ending the relationship was that I met this new guy and started to fall for him. I am now dating him and have been for a month. But my ex keeps disrupting things. Sending me messages everywhere, leading to me blocking him. But then he puts *67 and can show up on my phone as unknown caller and still contact me. He's shown up at my doorstep multiple times. It's exausting and the worst part of it is that I still love and care about him.

it seriously has put a huge damper on my new relationship and made things way more difficult then they should be so early on. Should I hold off from a relationship? How do I deal with the ex knowing he has little support and needs someone to talk to? Ugh, it's a mess Tbh.


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  • Just keep ignoring him and telling him to go away. He wants to drag you down with him. Don't let him. These type of people are damaged and you can't save them. Don't ruin this new relationship, If it's worth it be honest with your new partner. Either way your ex is trying to manipulate you back into his life, be strong enough to make the clean break. He will drag you down as long as you let him.

    He needs professional help, because all you can do is enable him. It's all any partner can really do, we don't have the skill set to give these people the help they actually need and you will just ruin your life trying. You loved what he used to mean to you, and that version wasn't really him. It was a show he put on. These are his true colours and they are unlovable. Don't be fooled by it anymore or let your emotions betray you. Sometimes you have to use you head to overrule your emotions.


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