After a break up: is it normal to think about your ex loving a new man/woman and feel so, so, so bad ALL the time?

And he/she might be better/prettier/more funny/interesting etc than you


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  • I think its normal.. Especially if you were deeply and emotionally involved with that person
    Especially when they actual find someone better than you...

    But eventually those feelings fade and you become happy for that person and that they moved on 😄


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  • Yes, you are going to go through emotions you didn't even know you had in you. Ask yourself questions you didn't think you cared about answer them then cry about the realization that it may be possible. Point out a your flaws to yourself to make it all the worse then compare yourself to the new person to understand why so in so left you for them.
    question ever conversation everything that was said to imply they were happy with u realizing it was a lie
    But all in all

    I'm bad and that's good
    I can never be good
    And that's not bad
    All I can ever be is Me

    So be you go through your motions feel sad be upset break things cry just don't stay there to long cause what other don't see in you someone will one day and all this pain n doubt won't even be a memory or a sad chapter it won't be anything and you'll still be you and see yourself in a way they couldn't bring out in you


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  • I don't think about them with someone else I just mourn their loss in my life

  • i was married 22 years, when we split all i hoped for is her future happiness


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes its normal
    It happens
    But to hold on to these thoughts us unhealthy
    Its better to divert your attention...


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