Can people change their mind over time after reflection?

We went on a break beginning of last month last week he decided he didn't want to come back. I wrote him a letter explaining how i felt in the relationship and how his actions made me feel (i have postnatel depression) since my letter he's seen our baby a lot more than he first did and we talk every day not even just about the baby just general stuff. I know his mates are on holiday for 2 weeks that he lives with so i dont know weather its hit him that he is alone or if its just coincidence. So my question is it it possible over time that he will also realise his part in the break up of us and that he would want to try again? Or is it just me wishful thinking? Has anyone broke up with someone and got back together after a couple months? We still act the same and its so hard for me at the moment. Thanks


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  • that was just some hook up, casual session.


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  • It could happen. I dated a guy for 6 months we broke up because he was too busy with work to commit to a relationship. He eventually changed professions about a year later and when he did he reached back out to me. The situation changed so we tried things out. We ended up dating for 2 more years. We eventually broke up again but that's not the point of the story. Point is people change situations change.


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  • When you lose someone, it's never quite the same person who comes back.


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