I don't have any clue with this guy (my ex). Could you please tell me?

all I can tell you that he killed my dog because he wanted to kill me or something...(not directly but he did kill my dog)

he blocked (from Facebook) me for a while, for about a year and he unblocked a month ago...he is with this girl -----he got this girl while we were having a fight: we were fighting all the time and then, in the end,I've got a new boyfriend at that time and he got extremely mad...and then he got this girl...asap that I have got a new bf...

he knows my character..I am not a person who disconnects with anybody like I did to him... but as soon as I found out that he killed my dog, I just simply ignored him. totally ignored him.

I don't get his reaction...block me and unblock me and then again block me...though I didn't say anything... (he even opened his profile and his pics with her and so on...but I didn't do anything which is totally not me.---can you understand?

what's the matter with this guy?!? could you tell me?

now he unblocked me again.I met his friend on this weekend, and he was totally angry with me!?!I really don't get it.by the way the dog which he killed,my dog was with my sister while she was very ill..---I was out of my country
so I didn't have any clue how much she was sick... my sister's gonna die in 2months or so...

------nextelement: I did not intend to bitching at you. I just don't want to explain every single details to make people get bored.I just wrote briefly about the certain situation which I have now. other people understood, man...except you! :-P boy!
the point is not 'blocking me unblocking me'. I want to know why he is doing constantly I want to know what kind of bad intention he has.but I blocked him when he unblocked me again. he is still there even now but I don't give a damn about it.


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  • So...apparently this guy killed your dog and all that you're confused about is why he keeps blocking and unblocking you...? He's a psycho


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  • Ok so he killed your dog and your major issue is Facebook? Wth is wrong with the both of you? He killed you dog...Something should be done about this! And you care about Facebook!? What a great pet owner you are. I really don't know who has the bigger issue here you or him!?

    • My dog has gone and my sister has a brain cancer. so which issue can be bigger?

      my dog or my sister? I didn't tell everything but some part of details.

      how old are you? 13? yeah I think so.

    • You didn't write anything about your sister when I wrote that. So you still an idiot. Sorry to hear about your sister but don't bitch at me about things I didn't know typical woman!

    • Why would I explain every F**king single thing to you? still you don't get my point.

      young stupid dude. typical boy!

  • okay listenn, obviously he wants 2 p*ss you off, he doesn't care about ur feelings, maybe yall had a sex rel;ation shipb4 and he just wants some, maybe nott.. and I am pretty sure tht he got a lot of sex now, he is just trying 2 make you jelouse so you will b all over himm, and he can diss u, instead of himm being all over you and you dissing himm, he is not worth ur time, maybe you should just block himm.

    • Yes I did.and it was been for a while...I saw his friend got very angry when I was with this new handsome guy.

      I do have a new guy who I like.so I'm not trying to know if he will come back to me and all...

      I just wanted to know what kind of intention he has. that's it.

  • That dude sounds crazy! I would just stay away.


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  • Wait, he KILLED YOUR DOG? Seriously, you should be filing criminal charges against him, not wondering what is going on in his head! Why do you care what his motives are? Don't his actions speak for themselves? A guy who can do that to an innocent animal is NOT someone you want anywhere near you - not only is he obviously capable of anything, he's also clearly cruel, heartless and unbalanced. Walk away, move on, and don't look back.

    • Yeah I know... he seems a nice guy usually but I saw his real reactions even before so...yeah....I know that I will not look back but I am just wondering why he was doing it.

  • wait wait wait one sec...he killed your dog and your worried about why he keeps unblocking and blocking you? ummm...im not an expert at this but couldn't you put some crimal charges on him and put him away that way you wouldn't worry about him unblocking you and blocking you again and then you could take care of your sis and stuff?

    and sorry about your sis I can only imagine how hard it could be

    • It sucks sucks sucks...I want to kill myself very often.

      my sister, my dog and that crazy ex...

      all combind...

    • No no no no no!!! don't you dare even think about killing yourself!

  • UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, he is a psychopath & needs mental help. Leave him the f*** alone dude, what is wrong with you that you would even need to ask this question!? He KILLED YOUR DOG because he was mad at you?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL!? He wants to make you jealous & see if he's still got a hold on you, which he does, you both need help.

    • Now, I don't care about blocking unblocking. oneday, unblocked me.I blocked him.and still shows that he is there. I don't want to care about it at all.

      nop. I have one guy who I like and me and other new guy was very close laughing,,,and his friend was giving me a real bad look,,,very angry...yes, that's why his friend all got mad. Yes, I am taking sleeping pills everynight 'cause I have insomnia...sometimes I want to kill myself but it is such a selfish thing to do...so I don't.

  • Please, do get a restraining order or something- if he killed your dog, that's just SICK!

    (I choose to ignore the whole unblock-block-thing on Facebook, seeing as the murder of your dog *might* be a bit more important than that: please- go to court, and get a restraining order)

  • Oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. My thoughts are with you and your family at this very difficult time.

    • Thank you... you see,,,it is very hard indeed... thanks again.... :)

  • He KILLED your DOG?!

    ..Block him and get away from him.

    The whole unblocking/blocking thing.. he might've been trying to look at your profile or something. But the guy seems crazy.. He KILLED YOUR DOG. That's horrible :(

  • You have a lot of drama I see. Just block him and move on. The dude seems crazy and you don't need that in your life.


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