How do I get rid of my ex boyfriend who goes around spreading rumors that I flirt with all the guys and was betraying him?

the truth is that i actually sacrificed a lot for him and even lost many of my friends since he did not like them. but now that i broke up, he tells everyone that i used to flirt with all other guys.. infact, i got into a lot of trouble so many times, just so that he is saved.. please help, he is making my life horrible since we are in the same class.. thank you.


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  • There's not much you can do when someone makes up lies about you. That's a big trigger for me that makes me wish I could kill. Just stop all communication with him and try your best to ignore it. He'll get his one day


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  • Ehh.. My ex did the same he went around spreading lies about me. He told everyone that i was the one that screwed him over.. which is a fucking lie lol. When my family and close friends knew what really went down that when I told them about it they all started laughing and said that he's pathetic!! Whatever karma's a bitch.. You should just ignore it. He's probably just butt hurt that you broke up with him.


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