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My ex broke up with me about a month ago, we still talked a decent amount the first 2 and a half weeks after the breakup... still talked a little bit last week... but now I haven't heard from her since last Wednesday.. If she wanted to let me off easy, wouldn't she continue talking to me longer? so I'd get on her nerves so much, that it would be even easier... I'm thinking she either met a new guy, couldn't handle talking every day without going back to her decision. still has feelings, etc... she said she still wants to talk occasionally at least until she feels more comfortable talking more.


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  • She's just trying to distance herself and have some space to get over you and find herself again. She's entitled to that, sure she may be contemplating what could have been but she's realised that a reconsile is not going to happen and is just moving on.

    • That's true, do you think there's a chance that we talk again? as friends or even more in the future? I don't think she ever thought a reconcile would be possible especially right away... but she said she is friends with one other ex, and they talk once in awhile.. . So I wonder if once she has time/space if she will be more open to a future friendship or possibility of getting back together

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    • So basically let HER be the one to initiate any type of contact? I'm not really worried about getting back together, because if/when we reconnect and we have a great connection still, there's always a chance for getting back together... but it's WAY too early to think about that.

    • Exactly let her initiate the contact and let her establish how often you talk etc.

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  • In my opinion you should leave her. because if she wants something she would ask for it. Maybe she has moved on and so should you. Enjoy life and do not just let one girl ruin that. There are many more out there man and you should experience that till you find the right one. Stay positive and you will get there. Do not be hurt because if she wanted something more she would have done more.


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