How can I get over my ex?

Just went through a rough break up and it's excruciating. .. I was so in love and can't stop thinking about him. What can help me get over him and move on? I feel ridiculous for being so hung up.
I know a guy who wants to go out with me; however I also know he would just be using me for sex. So this sounds like a bad idea, but maybe it would help me get over him (for lack of a better idea or prospect at this point).
Ugh. Somebody help with some good advice!!
I was thinking about texting him and asking him to remind me what an asshole he can be, haha.
Maybe if he demonstrates how hurtful and mean he can be, I won't want him back. Right now I keep remembering the good.


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  • dear
    sorry for what happened to you
    You've to choose the right choice otherwise you'll hurt yourself more and more. getting over him mean that you need to find yourself and find the way to live your life, not letting other using you. I understand it's hurt but you need to deal with your feelings, not escape from it. give yourself some a time because now you think only with your heart, not your mind. don't contact him and stop letting your friend using you.
    (most painful things you loving others too much, and forgetting that you're special too)
    you've earn a second chance

    Good luck


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  • yeah, having sex with someone won't help get over your ex. It will result in you feeling bad.

    I went through something similar when I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years at the time.

    Some Coping Mechanisms I did:
    1) Opened up google maps, looked for all green areas nearby (parks) and rode my bike to it. Found lots of good places like that
    2) Learn Guitar - or any instrument. This is a long-term task that takes a lot of alone time
    3) Learn to cook - def had time to
    4) Video Games - just got lost in Skyrim

    Also, one thing I didn't even realize until after I had dated and broken up with my girlfriend after that, is that I was loved once. It will happen again. There are billions of humans on Earth, it is mathematically impossible for me not to be loved again. I am living in the story of my life, and it is still being written.

    Need anyone to talk to, Im here. Like I said, got over a 6 year relationship and I am alive and here to speak. and I was pretty low (Got 51-50ed). It is ALWAYS possible to get back up, trust me

  • its bucket full of tears but you need to find or do what makes you happy. spoil yourself think positive. thats good you left that asshole because you deserve better. :)
    what I did to ease my painful break up was learn to play guitar.

  • Stay busy, visit family, spend time with friends, get a hobby, find a social life again etc

    I really wouldn't be putting yourself out there for now, infact that is the single worst thing you could do.

    • Not to sound stupid, but why?

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    • It's funny you say that, because that could be partially why I fell so hard with this guy. First guy since my husband. :-/

    • For me personally when I come out of a relationship, i like to re-establish myself. By that i mean I want to get back to the position where i'm content on my own. I don't want to feel my happiness is dependant on someone else, because i like everything in my life to be dictated by me. Going through a break up is shit, but what you learn about yourself by coming through it is invaluable. Work on coming through this by yourself and being able to find happiness within yourself. When you get to that point, you'll be ready to starting dating.

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