How to get your ex-girlfriend back after we both agree for space?

So my ex-girlfriend broke up with me 4 months ago. This was due to the fact she felt I wasn't taking care of myself being one of the key reasons. She didn't want to let it go cause she still cared a lot about me made a proposition for friendship.

I took the offer and I'll admit it was painful because we were still close with none of the intimacy. After we had finished our exams we went out and I admitted if I had a second chance I would do things differently, she kissed me and it brought all sorts of confusion.

So as of late September I asked for space because I thought it was necessary thing to do because I couldn't stop thinking about her and the lines of friendship has blurred even more.

So earlier this week I wanted to talk to her and see how she was doing and she basically didn't want to and said she lived for me during the last months of our relationship and felt like an idiot asking to be friends. So she said in order to move on we shouldn't call or text each other until my birthday next year (6 months from now).

I was left confused because I don't really know what her reason for this is and don't even know if she cares for me that much the same way I do

I've gone on a few dates here and there and It just doesn't feel right because I feel like there's still something good between the two of us. I've never felt this way about someone and all I ever think about is being back together but what scares me is that we both done too much damage to ourselves to even repair what we have.

Cause I want her back not as a friend but even more? What should I do and how should I handle it?


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  • I guess you'd have to go no contact and then when you guys talk, talk normal... This kind of happened with my ex and I.. we were together 6 months.. she broke up with me a month ago.. the first 2 weeks and a half we were friends.. we talked almost every day... but then last week she was saying how we shouldn't talk as much as we did when we were dating and we should just talk occasional.. then we had another talk after that... but since last Wednesday.. I haven't heard ANYTHING from her... i texted her a few days.. no reply.. so now.. I know I have to just leave her alone.. and take a risk.. either we'll become friends, distant friends, together or we'll become nothing and never talk again.. it's a SCARY thought... but I'm guessing those are the same thoughts you're having "what if we never talk again"

    • Thank you. I know it's tough but I can do this

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