Did I push too hard?

My ex is a foreign exchange student and we had been dating about a month but the entire time we were together he was not very affectionate and I always felt like I was bothering him even though he said I wasn't. We hung out on weekends and during the week we would go to lunch after school. I asked him after school if he wanted to hang out but all he wanted to do was go to the gym, eat, or sleep. However, he made time to hang out with my guy friends even though he barely knows them. I know coming to America is so different and the last thing he probably wanted was a relationship but he came to me. When we were alone it was fine but around others he would barely hold my hand and only a quick kiss before class when he saw me. Anyways, 2 days ago we were texting and he asked how I felt about us. I was honest with him about how I felt this was more like an agreement than a relationship. For weeks when he would ask what was wrong I would tell him kindly what I felt. Yesterday was my birthday and he didn't text me in the morning or come up to me on my way to class. All day nothing and at lunch he came up to me and said happy birthday. We walked in silence as usual to get food and on the way back I asked him what was up and he said nothing. He just looked around the entire time not looking at me and I told him that we need to communicate better, and he said nothing. I told him he either wants us or he doesn't and he said he said I don't know, we will talk after class. Class ended and I told him the same thing, either you're in or you're out you want us or you don't. He said as of right now he didn't want to be in a relationship and walked away. I just want to know if this was totally my fault and I want to know what others think about it.


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  • No it wasn't your fault.


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