What does my ex boyfriend wants now?

Hi all, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me two months back. He told me it was for the better, i need to concentrate on my future and we don't have a future together.
I love him a lot and respect his decision, we both love eachother and i agreed its better to end this relationship now since we don't have a future.
But now he keeps on calling me now and then, we talk for hours on a strech. It breaks me. I don't know why he calls me up when he doesn't intent to get back together. He tells me how much he wants for me to acheive something in my life and our relationship was just a hurdle for me. He saw that i was giving up on opportunities just to be with him.
I have no idea why talks to me now? What should i do?
I love him heaps and he loves me too i want him back. But he has set his mind that its for the better to stay apart. I have tried talking to him about this but no sucess in convincing him.
what should i do?


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  • Tell him to stop calling that its too painful for you


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