Guys, Help!!! "What does your ex mean by saying "I don't want to get back together now "?


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  • he's doesn't want to get back together now - its just plain English

    But if you can't read between the lines - it means do your thing, ill do mine and thats it for now, ciao.. maybe ill catch you later maybe i won't... most likely i won't

    • Why do you say most likely not?

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    • How does it sound like that?

    • Not your boyfriend

      Its been months

      he's sometimes doesn't see you - 2 different times for a month each

      he's not your boyfriend and its for a reason - whatever it is... you need to figure it out

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  • When a guys says something, it usually literally means that.
    I guess he's taking a break from the relationship or something, or maybe not wanting to go back at all

    • We'll Which One is it? We still hang out and whatnot

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    • Okay well I don't want to because it might help me in the long run?
      But what we're you saying you said before?

    • xD I just said it now
      And you can always check my older messages

  • sounds like he doesn't want to get back together any time soon, but might in the future

    • Why do you say might in the future?

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    • maybe, but probably more your not in a relationship for now

    • Why so?

      Do You Think he's A Player?

  • It means exactly that.

    • Will he want to later down the road?

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