How to let them know you are interested?

i was just wondering how do you let someone know you like them without words... what are some ways you guys would know a chick wants you just with body language?


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  • Just start a conversation and lightly lead into letting them know your interested. Talk about things you both have in common. If you feel confident enough, do what I did and flat out tell the person. (easier said than done)

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey

  • The only way you can be sure of it is through talking to them. We all feel intimidated by their possible reactions but you'll never know unless you go for it.

    Catch him when he's not busy or talking to anyone, say hey and start a small conversation then move in and say you like him.

    The worst that can happen is he gets weirded out and you both feel awkward for 2 minutes and walk away from each other. Life goes on.

    If he doesn't really acknowledge your interest for him when you do tell him, meet him again and ask, "so what do you think?"


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