My ex's friends are texting me?

My ex & I stopped all means of contact last week & we were still involved with each other until 3 weeks ago when he told me he didn't want to lead me on. Im moving on but two of his friends are texting me & both of them want to either have sex with me, send them pics or something else & another one of his friends gave me a indirect of "Maybe you're seeing the one for you everyday" 👀 Which kinda weirded me out. I really don't know what to think since I'm not attracted to any of them plus they're my ex's close friends like I just wouldn't go there. But when I was with my ex, he always picked his friends over me & claimed they were so loyal which makes me think he's not aware. Do boys usually do this to each other?


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  • yes it is common for guys best friends to chase there mates ex's but you need to steer clear of this as it can make things a lot harder for you


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