My ex sent flowers for my birthday. They look so pretty on the side of the road. I want him to leave me alone. Can I tell him off? Or just ignore?

Let me preface my question with background info. We dated for 5 years. He undervalued me and rarely showed me attention or affection during the last 3 years. Yep I stayed because he would do a little something but then get back comfortable. We broke up often. Revolving doors was the style. I know I was being a fool but I loved him. After we would break up, he would text me after 3 weeks of NC saying he loved me. I would respond back. Then he disappears and I don't hear back again until 3 weeks later, like clock work. He would text me love messages or call until I finally respond, then he would ignore me again. I would hurt everytime and have to start from 0 again of as far as recovery. Smh. So the last time we broke up, I changed my number. Blocked him from fb and everything I could think of. He started calling my desk at work once a week and I cannot change the nbr without a sharing my personal life with my boss. I will not do that. Seeing his nbr gets to me! I finally sent him a polite email to keep his feelings to himself. Now 3 weeks later, it's my bday and he sent me flowers and a box of I don't know what because it's in the dumpster. Yes, i did let things drag for too long. Here's my question. I REALLY don't want to hear from him EVER again. Each time I do, it takes me to a place of pain and anger. I want to send him this NASTY email to leave me the #& alone but if I do, I'm afraid of the after pain I might feel. But I really want him to leave me alone. He use to send flowers to my job and stopped when i told him so. But every 3 wks he emails how he can't live withou me, blah blah blah. He doesn't stop unless I reply and then I get left in this circle of pain again. My question: is it ok for me to SNAP in email? I don't care if he thinks I'm pychotic. He'll I am with him at this point. I want him to take me seriously. Do I email him the nastiest email ever? It would feel SO GOOD but I don't want to feel worse later. If I don't, he's going to keep contacting me


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  • tell him to leave you alone and give you ur space. block him if u need to. you desere to have ur life without him in it.


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  • Really the best course of action is to ignore him. He seems like the kind of guy who gets off on attention. He'll have to stop sending them eventually, but every time he shoots you an email or a text write down the date and time, save it and print it out. Keep them in a safe place. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and you never know if it wail escalate. The more evidence you have the better chance you'll have of him being convicted if he decides to escalate. But for real you have all of the power in this situation. He can't hurt you again if you don't let him. Good luck.


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