Ex-Girlfriend Sends An E-Mail?

I was together with my ex-girlfriend for 2 years, it was a long distance relationship at first, but we did close the gap by meeting each other. I went to her country to meet her twice and she also visited me once.

During the last couple of months, she showed less interest in talking to me and slowly seemed to check out of the relationship and eventually she broke up with me and to my surprise she was with another guy weeks later, but she denied he was the reason for breaking up with me. In short I think flirted with the guy behind my back while we were still in a relationship and left me to be with him.

Fast forward a year later, no contact from either end, she ends me an E-Mail to me asking to catch up with me, I replied to it and asked her upfront that what does she wishes to achieve by getting in touch with me now, to which she replied with nothing that she wanted to see that how I am thats all.

Since I am good friends with the family, her brother told me that prior to her Mail to me, she broke up with her current boyfriend (don't know who broke up with who though), she literally got in touch me days later after the breakup and since I ignored her, she goes out with another guy within weeks.

It has been 4 months since the last Mail, I haven't heard anything from her end. She's also together with her new boytoy, I find myself asking the question that what her motive was by getting in touch with me in the first place?

I do still like and have feelings for her, but I can't take her back like this, moreover she is in a relationship again, I guess a part of me wants to know would she reach out to me again? And also if this guy is a rebound? Or both of the guys after me have been rebounds.

Would appreciate your take on this. Would like to thank everyone here in advance for their opinions and advice.


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  • She got rejected by that guy and is trying to see if she could still have you if she wanted. She's not serious, she's just trying to boost her ego. Bin her off, she's trouble.

    • I haven't heard from her for about 4 and half months now.

      My question is, is the guy she's with right now is a rebound? Can she really be in love already?

      Second what are her chances of getting in touch with me again?

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    • Did I bruise her ego when I said "what do you wish to achieve by getting in touch with me now?" to which her reply was "nothing, not trying to achieve anything, just wanted to see how you are that's all"

      And after that I cut her off, her brother started to chat me up and asked if i'm dating someone, I said no, i'm not and that was the end of it.

    • She wants to make sure your doing worse than she is. Move on, stop obsessing about it. She isn't coming back.

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  • Get over it already, Jesus

    • Remember the next time your relationship goes south and you are hurt and going through a difficult time, my advice would be the same to you 'get over it already, Jesus'.

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    • I'm afraid I have to agree, get some self respect. She ditched you for another guy, she's not coming back and she's still treating you like an option. Stop prentending you don't want her back, because if that was the case you wouldn't be over analysing the situation.
      You're being played, please for your own sake... Move on to someone new.

    • Thanks @Tmc1981 👍

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  • Cut her off. It's hard but that's the way to go about it. It seems very futile to continue a type of relationship where her priorities are somewhere else.


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