10 reasons why you'd leave your significant other?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) Unfaithfulness
    2) Beating me.
    3) Doesn't want kids
    4) Treats the kids poorly
    5) Treats me poorly and doesn't give me love and affection
    6) Becomes Alcoholic or uses drugs
    7) Isn't respectful towards my family
    8) Is lazy and doesn't want to work
    9) Starts having very conflicting points of view
    10) Isn't Jealous and protective enough


Most Helpful Guy

  • -they cheat
    -they are a liar
    -they have no nurturing qualities
    -they simply do not care
    -they cause drama
    -they are sedentary
    -they have lost their spark
    -they do not want children
    -they hate children
    -they don't like hanging out with me
    eh thats enough for me

    • oh, so at 20 you're already looking for the kind of girl who could be the mother to your children?

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    • @OrdinaryGentlemen aww thats sweet!

    • @Suhmer
      Mhmm:) besides I have a really independent personality, as in take no prisoners type... but a calm demeanor... it helps to have that.

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What Girls Said 6

  • 1. pysically/emotionally hurting me or our children
    2. cheating
    3. addiction to alcohol or drugs
    4. excessive gambling
    5. being arrested (kinda depends on the crime)
    6. becoming emotionally distant
    7. being unable to satisfy me/unwilling to satisfy me sexually
    8. being unwilling to help provide for the family
    9. ignoring his responsibilities for work/hobbies/friends
    10. just not getting along anymore
    Knock on wood but if I DO end up getting a divorce one day I hope it'll be civil.

  • If he just completely changed and was mean and rude to me all the time and acted like he hated me.
    Honestly I think I would give him a second chance if he ever beat me.
    If he started doing heroin or super hard drugs me was just tweaked al the time.
    If he joined the military or army or anything like that without talking with me first.
    If he slapped any of my family members.
    Probably if he raped me.
    If he started killing animals and pets.

    I don't know what else lol

  • 1. He’s a rapist
    2. he’s a murderer/psycho
    3. abusive
    4. Cheater
    5. Junkie
    6. I have to completely support him financially (for a short period I wouldn’t mind)
    7. We are no longer happy in each others company
    8. He holds me back/ not supportive of my goals ( Im sure he would expect support as well which I would give him)

  • -hits me
    - cheats (emotional/physical)
    - does plastic surgery (unless it was a life and death sort of thing? Heh? 😄😄)
    - becomes an alcoholic /smoker and is set on staying that way
    - becomes evil

    I can't think of anything else.

  • Cheating. Violence. Disrespect. Drug addiction. Gambling addiction. Refusing to work. Not good with kids. Afraid of commitment. Growing apart. Not in love.

  • Physical abuse
    Verbal abuse
    Emotional abuse
    Wants children
    Has children
    Wants to move and live somewhere I don't want to go
    Cheats on me
    Right wing
    Not attracted to my gender
    Does things that gross me out (but it'd have to be pretty serious)


What Guys Said 2

  • She changed
    She cheated
    She lost interest to you
    You lost interest in her
    She is constantly down, and isn't willing to try an effort to change it, no matter what you do
    She accuses you of stuff while you're innocent
    If you're... cheating?
    Because you got sick of the endless fighting over nothing
    She's not the right one
    Or she's taken

  • Have more time to myself

    More energy for myself

    Not as much stress (but the stress she gives me in only every now an them)

    (Can't think lf 10 haha)

    But they're all worth it for her😎💀


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