Good idea to contact ex to catch up? Establish a possible friendship?

I'm recently single. I got out of a bad relationship not too long ago but I'm determined to stay single for a bit until I get my life back on track and I want to focus on college. Recently though, I've been thinking about my ex, not the person I just broke up with, but another ex, my first love. I think about him from time to time, and although we broke up I see he has pictures of me still up on his Facebook and he says its his "friend". I'm not sure if he is completely over me, he told me when we broke up that he will always love me and be there for me. Well its been about 1.5 years since we broke up and I would love to talk to him again maybe meet up for lunch and catch up but I'm afraid he's going to get the wrong message and think I want him back, even if I tell him we should be friends he might still have romantic feelings for me. He is a good person we just had problems in our relationship and he was immature. Does anyone think this is a good idea to start talking to him again if I tell him my intentions are just to establish a friendship with him? Do friendships with ex's work? Anybody want to share good or bad?


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  • i have friends who they have ex's who are some of their closest friends. they still feel the trust that they did when their dating and therefore can confide anything with each other. make it open right off the start that you want to be friends and that if he starts showing romantic feelings your gonna break it off. also there is the consideration that maybe he's changed and you'll develop romantic feelings for him again

    • That thought has entered my mind too. He said when we broke up that he would change and that if I gave him another chance he would show me he can be better but I didn't and after a little more than a year now I'm thinking alone time has given him time to digest everything, think about his life, how he could've treated me better, etc. and given him some added maturity. Though I can't hope or expect anything, the thing I miss the most is his friendship and good times we had together.

    • Well either way it could end well, you could regain the friendship you missed, or you could end up dating again, he's changed for the better and your happy with it

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  • I'm going though the same thing. My (now ex) boyfriend and I have broken up for about a month and I feel like commenting on his status lol. But I kinda wanna follow that "no contact rule" so I'm kinda lost lol.


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