I met him, we both have left serious relationships, I ended with him in his Apartment. Now I feel as if I'm all his. What do I do?

So I am 19, and met an amazing 28 year old. We both met in an elevator (like movies) I know. I work at the college, so I took him to his destination. He's also my same major, so we exchanged numbers. He just got out of a relationship about 4 months ago, as I have. We have gone out a few times, here and there, until we ended in his apartment. And yes, we had Passionate, Beautiful Sex. We are "talking", he wants to take me out with his friends, family, etc. Also, offers me to move in one day because he wants me. I just have trust issues, I'm heartbroken, confused, my ex calls daily, he's fighting for me, I'm like a lost hurt pup. I don't want to hurt anyone, and neither myself. I'm afraid of just letting go, because he's great. Then I'm afraid of change. I dated the same guy for 4 years, I don't know how to manage my confusion or emotions lately. Please help? I am upset because I just spoke to my Elevator lover, and he was upset because I'm not with him tonight at an art show, also because his phone fell in water today. The mentioned how his phone is still under the same plan with hers:/ I spoke vague, and said goodnight after that. It just got me somewhat upset, and jealous. I mean , I feel close to him, I even gave myself away, for hours alone... I am wondering what my situation seems like in your perspective? Opinions please?


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  • What's your fucking question? You want my opinion? You're a bitch that rides the alpha cock carousel and he's just using you for sex.

    How do I know that? I don't. It's just a fucking guess. But it seems to me that odds are that I'm right. Do whatever the fuck you want. That's what you people do anyway.


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