The re-hookup?

So once upon a time (a few months ago) I hooked up with a guy friend and things were fine. He said he would want to do it again and all that but then someone found out and it caused a lot of problems. At that point he backed out, stopped talking to me and said maybe one day again in the future. I'm fine with the absence of emotions that comes with the just hooking up, but is there any way to get him back sooner? We rarely talk anymore and truthfully I'm not sure what to talk about (when we actually do) anymore. We used to be really good friends and it's just disappointing to not be able to talk anymore. Any ideas on how to get back to at least us talking again? Or even better back up to the physical again? He's sort of turned into a d*** the past few months, and I can certainly live life without him, it's just more fun with him. So any ideas? (:


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  • what end up going on?


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