Not sure how to feel about or react to this?

So me and my boyfriend have been in a really complicated situation. My boyfriend is basically my ex's best friend and we've been seeing each other in secret for the last 2 months. I've decided enough is enough with all this secrecy, seeing as he still hasn't told his friend about us, so I arranged for us to meet up tomorrow so I can tell him I'm just done with everything.

My best friend rang me yesterday afternoon and told me that he said to her that he was going 'to break it off with her' and that his reasoning for telling my friend was because 'you know how emotional she is'. He also wants to meet with me in the busiest place in the college we attend and my friend thinks his reasoning for it is because I'm less likely to cry in a busy place.

He messaged me last night trying to get me to have this talk over Facebook but I refused. I actually do care about him, hence why I want to do the right thing and meet in person.

I am absolutely RAGING right now. I feel so angry that he can't even deal with what he's done over the past few months. I'm angry that he thinks it's okay to tell my best friend that this was his plan, I'm just fuming. I'm not even sure if I should bring this up with him tomorrow, if he even has the balls to show up in the first place.

What would you do in this situation?


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  • Yeah, that was really shitty of him. Unfortunately once a guy dumps or is going to dump a girl he no longer really cares about how his actions affect your emotions. In fact, in this situation he just saw your emotions as something annoying that he wants to avoid, instead of being understanding about why you'd be emotional and trying to help you. This guy sounds like an asshole and I wouldn't waste any pain on him, he clearly has a complete disregard for your feelings and instead of feeling empathy for you he just wants to avoid it. Total douche. I wouldn't even bother showing up and just be the person to break up with him. Not over the phone or facebook but just when you bump into each other.

    • Ya don't worry I'm not wasting any pain on him at all. I'm so sick and tired of hearing his excuses for everything over the past few weeks that I'm honestly over it all. I have a feeling he's going to chicken out and not show up tomorrow anyway, but if he does I plan on confronting him about all of this. He really needs to explain himself, I think.

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