Why do you think I felt this way when I heard this about my ex?

I don't know how long it has been since me and my boyfriend broke up but it's been a little while. Ok, so on Friday our class were in the computer lab and some of my friends and my ex were sitting behind me. Then one of my friends said "Isaiah goes out with Lauren" . My ex boyfriend's name is Isaiah. Then after I heard that, it felt like my heart broke in like a million pieces and I don't know why though D: is it because I haven't completely moved on from my ex or what? Then Isaiah had said "what are you talking about? Who is Lauren, I don't know no Lauren, you must be talking about another Isaiah :/ " and then the guy that tried to break up me and Isaiah before had said "oh right Isaiah, I forgot that Ashley dumped you :)" . But Isaiah didn't say anything. The only reason why I broke up with him was because I didn't think that our relationship was working out and plus I wanted the single life back :/ Also when I heard about Isaiah going out with Lauren I tried to act tuff and act like I didn't care if he is going out with her because it seems like he has been ignoring me lately and I decided to play the game back and ignore him back and we don't even communicate with each other anymore. So, why do you think I felt this way when I heard this about my ex. @scuff1986 , @Applefan1 , @Paris13 and @smahala1991 can you answer this one please.


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  • Ashley this is normal when you have broken up with someone not that long ago. Even though you have broken up with him you still have feelings of like for him. It takes time for feelings of like to fade away. It can sometimes take a very long time. Feelings like this do not just disappear over night. Probably the best thing is for you two to go your own ways and let each other move on.


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  • I feel, @Ashely_Princess, that with just 2 weeks this week that you and your "EX" have been apart, You suddenly realized with everything going on all around You in this 'Computer lab,' that there is some chemistry in You that you didn't see before, and that you may feel something that you didn't before, because you and Isaiah, never gave yourselves to see Some Real Chance with Romance. You were not together long enough to nurture and nurse anything never had a real time to reach out to one another nor see More in store. But knowing that you wanted your freedom, it was a wise decision, you were not ready for all that just Yet.
    However, it also could be you are feeling a bit Territorial with Someone Special who was once yours, and when this was all mentioned to you, it got a hair standing up on your back, like a pussy cat.
    He may be feeling that you believe Them and silence is surely not golden with two people who left as friends. Talk to him, let him know tha to matter what, no matter who he goes out with, you are both friends till the end, and that even if kids in school have this tendency to talk and squawk, all that matters is your own friendship, nothing else, let them go up in smoke, you both are a friend till the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

    • So welcome, @Ashely_Princess, for Today, enjoy, tis a holiday. xxoo

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  • İt is just so normal you feel that way. You don't have any feelings towards him. Dont worry.


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