What does my ex want from me?

So iv posted about my ex who hasn't left his key or got rest of his stuff and today things go heated. He didn't show up to see his son as he didn't wake up as worked nights all weekend i was fine didn't kick off. Then he says about leaving his key tomorrow saying "its not my key its not my house" to which i said was his choice. He then asked if my money was sorted and how much i got so he knows what to give me for our son. he's put down how much money he gives me all cuz i get a bit of money tht just about covers rent bills etc. We was fine till the key business got mentioned. He wanted me to move on n he wasn't coming back to be a family so i do and now i feel im being punished for that by him guilt tripping me sayin he needs save for his own place. So what does he want? Me to move on and forget us or not?


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  • Maybe he wants you back


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