Is it supposed to be this easy to be friends with my ex?

My ex and I dated for 6 months. We never had any real fights or arguments UNTIL the break up. I went to see him play one of his football scrimmages and after the game he was acting strange. He was tired, bitter and very distant. This was rare for him. He always made me feel loved and he liked showing me off. After the game, I went home to let him rest, figuring he was just having a rough day.

The next day, he acted normal again so I decided to bring up the situation with the intention to fix it the next time. As I brought it up, he started to get defensive and rude.

I think he took my questioning the situation as an attack on football. He started saying things like "how could someone I have dated for 6 months be such a huge priority in my life while I've had other things in my life for 10+ years that are just as important?" He didn't understand that I knew football was his top priority and that I was okay with that. Then, that night, he ended it. I exited with dignity and wished him future luck.

We didn't talk for about 2 months after the breakup. We also didn't unfriend eachother or take down any pictures from social media. After two months, I decided to text him. My best friend is engaged to his best friend, so I felt that we need to be on good terms. He responded right away and was quite short with me, but I was okay with that. Then, a few weeks later, he started texting me and snap chatting me quite regularly again. Sometimes we even talk all day long. We talk about things like sports, politics, mutual friends and other things like that. Not ONCE has either of us brought up the breakup or anything relationship related. I have accepted the breakup and am glad to be friends with him. I don't however, know what he's feeling. I just can’t help but wonder if it’s supposed to be this easy to be friends with my ex. I am also wondering if it’s weird that we haven’t ever discussed the breakup before, as it was VERY sudden and unexpected.


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  • Perhaps you were really better as friends all along. Sometimes, its like that, and you don't see it until you try (and fail) at a relationship. Be glad, if you value the friendship. You're really lucky, cuz most of the time you end up ruining the friendship when an attempted relationship fails.


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  • well , I think he didn't feel enough confident around you


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