Should I ask for twice chance?

hey guys. well, since this guy came new to our school I've had a huge crush on him. I've got a twin sis , one day I was with her outside and he came over and gave to my twin sister his number, she already had a boyfriend so she decided to contact him. well after that I made the first move and texted him , and then we talk and been friends then we came up with relationship but I still had that fear of him liking her.. whole school was jealous about us and talked shit and tried to separate us a lot but I never knew it, cuz it was talked behind my back. well we've been together 20days but we never had kissed or had sexualrelationship, though Im shy and so he was, a night I called him out to tell him somthing.. and I just started to cry and told him we can't be in the future together cuz my family won't accept you without changing religion, he told me it will be okay and Its okay , then he texted me and told me I love you no matter what. then 3 days ago maybe he wasn't talking to me normally or call me out , and then lately he told me he dont feel the same about me, and that we could still be friends then the rest 3days I text him like stupid but then I decided to do no contact rule, I did not talk to him or text him for a year now and he didn't also , he has been in 3 relationships over a year which last about a week, well I also tried to get him out of my mind by trying to love someone else and been in 2 relationship but never felt anything for them, even if I tried a lot , well that wasn't helpful I still have a lot of feelings for him and I dont just know what to do , I see him everyday at school and everytime I see him it hurts though , I try to be strong a lot , by faking a smile a acting like Im doing well and Im happy , and tho he never told anyone why we broke up and I dont know the reason either may it be one them thing which happend.. but I miss him a lot and I want to text him and call him out but I dont know what to do, I love him a lot. help me!


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  • He has options. You don't. The ball is in your court.


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