Do you think there's any hope to at least being acquaintances in the future?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me September 7th, after we were dating for 6 months.. she seemd totally into me when we were dating, but I feel I pushed her away by being clingy/needy... We talked basically the whole September after the breakup.. up until the end of September.. we talked a few times about 2 weeks ago.. she said she wasn't use to being friends with ex's so she has to take her time, the only other ex she's friends with they only talk once in awhile so she wanted to take her time and be able to comfortable being friends with me.. then we talked for a little after that.. and I haven't heard from her since the 30th.. I texted her a few times but no reply... i haven't tried contacting her in 4 days.. What do you think happened? do you think she realized feelings came back when trying to be friends? do you think she found someone new? I don't get why she'd keep her other ex in her life (even though they only talk once in awhile) but completely cut me out.. but I guess the breakup is still fairly fresh.. we just had a great connection, even after the breakup we could literally talk about any and everything.. but almost 2 weeks have gone by and I haven't heard anything from her Do you think she still wants any type of friendship/acquaintance with me in the future?


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  • Could be, but just move on.

    • I guess I'm more confused then anything, I don't get why the first two and a half weeks.. she talked to me a lot after the breakup... but since I haven't heard from her... but I realize... I HAVE to move on.. even if we become friends or even get back together in the future, I have to move on now.

    • Yeah, it is the only thing to do now.

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