Always acts like he doesn't care?

Okay so I am have a complicated relationship with someone, and I have kind of given up on him. I always wanted to transfer colleges and since he was never really giving me a reason to stay I went ahead and filled out all the apps and everything. He's always saying how he doesn't care what I do and stuff and then yesterday I told him that I finished all my apps to the other schools and he says, "sorry, but I really don't wanna hear all that" and I'm like why and he says I just don't understand why you wanna leave and I say because I just do. and he says fine I'm happy for you. what the heck?! why does he always act like he doesn't care about anything and then he acted like that to me moving?


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  • People don't like to be vulnerable. Especially if they have been hurt or rejected in the past. Sounds like he doesn't want you to know he cares because you might use it to hurt him.

    I know for me, because of the way I've been treated by some in the past, vulnerability is warped in my head. I don't like to give anyone leverage to hurt me, and realistically most people aren't that cruel, but once you begin protecting your soft spots - it becomes habit.

    He cares, he just doesn't know how to tell you.


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  • Well its your decision to move and there's nothing he can do about it, but he's obviously unhappy with you moving even if he says otherwise


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  • pss, this guy doesn't care at all. If he's constantly telling you he doenst care --he doesnt!

    Leave his sorry ass and look for someone who cares a rat's ass what you do.

    OR, leave that way maybe he'll understand what he's been missing so far. Remember, you never know what you have until its gone.

    good luck :)


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