I think it's time to call it?

Me & my boyfriend have been together for a year and lately he seems a bit off, I asked him if he wanted to spend his life with me and to be honest and he said I don't know, so I told him we need to talk about things when I see him and all he said was why, and cool. Plus my sister wanted to meet him for the first time & I brought it up to him and I said that it wouldn't be good, and he said not a good time yet, to which I said we both want different things which he agreed with & not to invole people we know. Do any of you see this relationship going any further? As part of me thinks it isn't. Plus he signed up to Instagram lately as he told me so I thought id see who he was following and mostly random girls who he doesn't know but liked their pictures. But if he doesn't like me why does he always tell me he loves me... Any advice is welcome! & many thanks
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  • sounds to me like you guys are in a strange place and need to address all issues and be honest with each other. if you both seem agree that the relationship is in a strange spot decide what you both want


Most Helpful Girl

  • It seems like you are putting in all of the effort, and he isn't doing much. I would end it if he isn't being receptive to communicating. That's not a relationship, I'm sorry.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Time to move on,
    Don't be clingy you are strong, and if you think, you are better then him and he is not valuing you then it's best you leave him today so he realizes your value


  • This pretty much is an empty dialogue to be honest. You make it sound as thou this is all his fault.. And one thing I have learned in my years aboard this sh! t wagon called life , one person never tore down a relationship alone

  • do a ross and rachel an be on a break


What Girls Said 1

  • The relationship's over


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