Just got dumped over text, what should I do?

My ex boyfriend of 3 years & 5 months (known him for almost 10+ yrs) decided to break things off because of what happened between us.. he told me he can't forgive himself for what happened and told me he doesn't want to put us through those problems again. We were toxic and abusive mentally and physically to each other, but we were slowly getting past it. Our communication could of been better, we're both stubborn and hardheaded.

We've know each other since we were 14-15. Met online, and dated online. We we're on and off talking for years until we met each other and got together in 2012. I'm 25, he's 26 now. We were long distance. I'm from CA, he's from Oregon/WA.

Our our relationship at first was amazing, he was always the weird one out of his group and never really socialized much or went out with friends, but I accepted that and he was always so sweet and good to me. Things started to change as they always do in relationships, but I felt like he started to take my love for granted. He used to tell me when we were younger that he wanted to get hitched to me, and that we'd travel to Japan which was often a big topic we talked about a lot. That stopped though at least a year in a half into our relationship once he got his career going. Before he started his career he said that it was going to be for us, to start our future together. We lived together for 8 months and things turned rocky. Then he decided that it was best I should head home so we could work on ourselves while being long distance again, and get better for not only ourselves but for each other. It was both our first time living with a partner.

I went up there to see him last week... I didn't tell him or anyone really. It was just out of the moment or a last minute thing. He originally asked beforehand about having a 2 week no contact break. I didn't know how to feel about it. I visited him to get some clarity..
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Things seemed fine, he treated me normally, he said he still loved me, we got intimate, and we spent some time together. I knew he didn't want me there... he was going behind my back telling my dad that he wanted me back home and then telling me something different. He added me back into a relationship with me on Facebook because I told him my boundaries if we were going to just take a break of no contact for 2 weeks and he agreed to them.
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When I got back home, that's when he blocked me off FB, and then he dumped me thought text. He told me he couldn't tell me in person because he was afraid of how I would of reacted.

What upsets me, and hurts me the most is that he couldn't just be straight with me. He led me on, he used me. He got shady. The one person that I care about so much and he does that to me. He even mentioned about us staying as friends... how can I? What if he was just saying that to break things off nicely?
Just got dumped over text, what should I do?
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