Why do some girls lie about having a struggling relationship?

When they are in a relationship with someone but the relationship is getting "rocky" so to speak to the point where it seems like it's only a matter of time before they break up. Why do some girls lie and say they are perfectly fine and that their relationship is going good when eventually they end up single again? I mean that's one of the biggest "I told you so"s ever in my mind.


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  • She may truly think it will all be okay , that if she changed this or fixes that, or texts less, or snaps less, or does kinky things in the bedroom , fixes her hair this way instead of that , makes better choices in her life that reflect on him to be proud to be with her, wear outfits specifically for him, tries to be what he wants
    That'll itll all work itself out cause he can see she's trying right? But she doesn't realize that he can't see it cause he's not even there
    That's when all that preferring illusion to despair comes crashing down around you

    • Yeah but I feel some women pretend like everything is okay in their relationship when it isn't. Maybe it's self medication to keep from panicking. Maybe it's to try to hide to others. To still seem like the dignified "tough girl", but when everybody picks up on it. When day in and day out she's mad and it's easily noticeable that she has changed at what point should she say "You know what? You're right. My relationship isn't going so well." Especially when not too far down the road she really does end up being single again. It's evidence that she was lying to those around her for w/e reason.

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    • ... I'm sorry, but I'm glad you were strong enough to that
      but not all us are strong enough to awknowldge it

    • At first I didn't think so, but now that I look back on it I do.

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  • Maybe it's because they don't want to accept the fact that it's going downhill. For some reason there are a lot of people who have trouble facing reality, and they try to sweep things under the rug and look the other way.

    I've had problems with guys doing the same thing, and with them it always ended up being that they still held out hope that somehow the problems, or lack of happiness, would get better. Also they wouldn't have to be alone and then regret breaking up.

  • usually it is because we are still trying to salvage it and it isn't helpful hearing that there is no use. A true friend would understand it is something she feels the need to do so she can walk away knowing she tried and didn't simply give up.
    Any good person never uses the phrase 'I told you so' even in their mind. The first thought should be 'What can I do to help?'


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