He was a great boyfriend but he sucks as friend?

I don't understand my ex boyfriend. He broke up with me 8 months ago because he was scared of commitment and ever since that day he was trying to keep me as friend. He said million times how he wants to be friends and can't picture his life without me. We were together for 3 years in a LDR. I really do wanted to try the friends thing (at least some minimum contant) but he doesn't seem like he really wants it. We were never friends before and he is not friends with any of his ex's (like I am) and it starts to annoy me how he treats me. I get that we are not together anymore but that doesn't give him the right to treat me poorly if he really is my friend, right? For example, when he is feeling down or something good or bad happens, he is gonna call me and I'm gonna be there as friend. But when same happens to me he is gonna be so uninterested or busy. When a movie that he wants to watch comes online, he will ask me to watch together, but when movie that I want to watch is out he is not gonna want to watch. He keeps making up excuses as why he didn't answer on Skype, but when I do the same he gets angry. Ever since we broke up I visited his town 2 times (my brother lives there) and when I was there 4 months ago he bailed out and didn't want to see me. Then he apolagized, said it was too soon and that next time he will want to. So 5 days ago I go visit my brother again and I posted it on status so he can see it (didn't want to initiate meeting this time) and he didn't even bother to ask me how long I'm staying and stuff like that. Yesterday I came back home and he asked me if I watched the new episode of our favorite anime. Like wtf? I told him I was in his town for 5 days and he was like "I actually didn't know that" but he did because a mutual friend told him about it. So yeah he was lying. Why doesn't he just say it nicely that he doesn't want to be friends?
I told him clear before that he doesn't have to feel guilty or anything, that I forgive him and that I'm moving on and that I don't want a fake friendship, that I'm fine without him. I think enough time passed for both of us to get over the breakup, so what is happening? He is comfy enough to call me on Skype but not to see me? Why all the lying? I care about him but it's becoming uncomfortable for me to put up with all this drama. What should I do?


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  • Tell him not to call or bother you anymore


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