Is this a dealbreaker?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. Im at my last year of school and next summer, when im done - he goes to University and i do too. He has a one bedring apartment and im there 90% of the time, but when i asked him if he wanted to move in together, he Said no. That the apartment was too small and that he didn't want to share.
We have a great relationship and i Really love him but... I dont know if i Can live with this. I just want to live with him... Im there all the time and would be so much easier for us both... Is this a dealbreaker? Would it be for you?


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  • People need diferent amount of time to develop feelings or to commit. This is deffinitelly a red flag, but maybe you're just not at the same page. Watch his behaviour carefully and do your thing in the meantime.


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