Is this a red flag?

I came to meet my boyfriend's family in Bulgaria and see how it was the life here with a tourist visa. The maximum I could stay was 180 days and now this period is coming to an end. The plan was for us to get married and so I could apply for a visa to stay more, but it didn't happen for several reasons. Now I can only come back here after six months and in the meantime I was hoping he would go to my country to visit me. He works remotely, so job is not keeping him here. If it was up to me, I would stay more, but if I legally can't. It's kiling me to go back home, so I asked him if he had plans on coming to see me, after all, I cannot come back so soon and it's strange going without knowing at least around what time of the year I'll be seeing him again. He said I'm stupid for asking for things like that, he cannot give me that answer, he said my hometown is not his ideal place and that I'm asking for too much. I didn't ask him for a date, just if maybe we could spend new year together or maybe my birthday in February, but he said I'm just talking shit. I'm taking all of this as the end of us, because if somebody is not willing to visit you for six months, when they have money and time, I don't see what kind of relationship I'm building here. I need help to sort things out, I hope some of you will have an honest advice.


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  • You're talking shit! Hmm sounds like strange person I mean you ask for normal things as be has the money and the time but he said its shit based on his rules or his mind. But yet you visit him and trying to make the things works but he said stupid when you asked him if there's a chance he may visit you. Are you serious to think to stay with this shit? Move on baby.


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