Is he going to come back?

So we was together 11 months, things have been good, we was really close but he loves the gym and his mates and he has girl mates aswell... And I kind of felt neglected in last few months and he said he would change and that he didn't split up, a week after we had an argument and he broke up with me. Said he's not been happy for a while and he doesn't want a relationship with anymore right now he just wants to do his own thing, we got back off holiday 5 weeks ago and it was amazing but he said he has good days and then days when he's not happy. And he's tried to make it work, he said it's not the complete end as who knows what's gonna happen and that he still loves me and cares for me, he just wants to be on his own right now. I begged and begged him and done everything wrong but everytime I've tried so no contact he's texted me and I've replied after a day or so, so lastnight I went mad and drove his, had a big argument and then slept together and stayed his and he left this morning and kissed and said I love you and said he will text me if he changes his mind about the break up, he seems so fed up of me and that I can't cope on my own. I've gone no contact but is it too late to get him back? And before anyone says about sleeping together he was always really against it and he's not like a normal guy, sex means a lot, he doesn't believe in one night stands etc.. It just felt right. If I leave him be and just disappear for a while will he come back and realise what he has?
We've been split up for 3 weeks now by the way everytime I've tried to do no contact he's texted me or one time I had to see him and he messaged me that night saying I looked really good, but I just can't think to much into it. I know I've really pushed him far away by begging him and stuff he's even told me I have


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  • he will i fell so


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