Could he possibly trust me again?

So i came to this site 8 months ago for advice and a little while before that. Now... I'm back.

I had a falling out with a boy I fell madly in love with. I made a mistake and did something I shouldn't have towards a friend of his and we "broke up". That's in quotations because he never asked me to be his girlfriend and give us the offical dating label at the time. After 8 months of no contact, I was finally able to contact and reconnect with him. We reconnected fast and fell back in our old selves and things were going great. Our feelings hadn't changed about eachother and we still wanted to be together. We also discussed calmly everything that had happened between us. After a week of him having time to "think" about everything we discussed, he again freaked out on me. Apparently I come up in conversations with his friends who had gotten involved previously and is very influenced by them. He said after a week and convrsation with his friends he just didn't believe anything I had to say and couldnt trust me even though I was completely honest and had nothing to lie about to him. He also said the reason why he couldn't was because he couldnt trust that i wouldn't do it again even though i reasured him otherwise. I know trust when broken sometimes can't be rebuilt, but I also know if willing to try an commit, it can be regained. However he isn't even willing to try and give me some trust and believe in me. Even after agreeing that he still cares, wants to be with me and knows we are great together but he will no longer admit to it. He also said he wants to stay friends, hang out, Skype and we talk everyday for most of the day.

With all of this in mind and staying friends, even though it kills me inside. With time could he possibly learn to trust me again? by hanging out, talking and doing small things to show him he can, is it possible for him to change his mind and trust me, giving us the real shot at a relationship we deserve?

P. s... This was all over the course of a week. One week of reconnecting and not seeing eachother physically in person.
This is an update to clarify that I did not cheat on him, nothing physical had happened and I only had/ still have feelings for him. We were also not dating at the time just fooling around and leading up to a relationship. He is someone who seems quite insecure in comparison to his friends and never thinks he's good enough. he has been trying to dig and search for any reasons and excuses to not give me the chance to prove my honesty to him because of his stubborn always have to right personality


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  • " towards a friend of his " don't know how I would recover from that. I believe that he still cares about you because after all that happened he still stayed in contact with you. he has a very hard time trusting you. As a guy I could never trust a girl who have cheated on me, matter of fact I would never contact her again. But there's no way of convincing him that he can trust you, you have to give it some time. It also depends on how forgiving he is

  • How much meaning can your reassurements really have when you already broke his trust? I can't speak from his perspective but if a girl cheated on me the relationship would be over, period. I think trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and if a girl broke my trust like that once then how could I ever completely trust in them again? If you were willing to cheat once, how can I really know that you wouldn't do it again, if you really cared that much you wouldn't have cheated in the first place.


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